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we map the aviation route using technology

The horizon is full of technological developments such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, fintech, cyber security, and blockchain, and we are confidently and successfully flying to the future with the power of our know-how.


We Map the Aviation Route Using Technology

Turkish Technology, an innovative and value-oriented IT company in the aviation and air cargo industries that began operations in 2021, develops software that addresses the technological needs of Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries. Turkish Technology always develops cutting-edge technologies that meet international standards with the vision and strength of a big company. It stands out as an R&D company that conducts studies in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, analytics, fintech, cybersecurity, and blockchain and closely monitors emerging technologies in these fields. Turkish Technology employs more than 1500 people in its contemporary offices across many cities, including Ankara and Izmir, especially in its headquarters in Istanbul. Turkish Technology believes technology will shape the future and can be developed along with the ecosystem.

Until today, we have carried out numerous projects creating value at a global scale. We will be continuing to contribute to the development of the world aviation industry with our pioneering technologies.


We are a strong team of more than 1500 valuable experts. We pursue the same goal of winning altogether and continue our efforts with the motivation to reach our goal.


In our offices equipped with modern technology and located in Istanbul (2), Ankara and Izmir, we develop solutions and products which guide the aviation sector. And we have new global and local offices on the way!

Turkish Technology Hakkında

A global technology brand

To become one of the top ten companies in the world as a recognized global technology brand in the aviation technologies industry within the next five years. To command a global reputation for excellence in aviation technologies.


End-to-end solution for technological needs

To offer comprehensive solutions and support for all technology requirements of the aviation industry in the Turkish market, where it is the dominant player, particularly those of Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries. To export to the rest of the world by manufacturing technologies developed through R&D.  

The Origin of Turkish Airlines and Technological Investments

Since its founding in 1933, Turkish Airlines has consistently invested in technology and qualified human resources. The company's first international flight was to Greece in 1947, and by 2010, it was one of the ten airlines with the most significant flight network in the world. In the years leading up to 2020, the technology team, represented by the assistant general manager, was getting ready for a new era.

The Birth of Turkish Airlines Technology's Incorporation Strategy

A strategic course of action was taken to institutionalize the team working within Turkish Airlines' organization for many years, developing significant technologies to achieve excellence in commercial and operational activities.

Turkish Airlines Technology Officially Open for Business

The Turkish Airlines Technology brand, leading the digitization of the aviation and air cargo industries with the help of the cutting-edge technologies it has created, began operations with hundreds of people in its contemporary offices. With its R&D strategy, the company kept converting modern technologies into values for its industry, particularly Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Technology Rebranded as "Turkish Technology"

Turkish Airlines Technology concentrated on strengthening its vision of global technology exports, canalizing its performance and growth on the rapid development of technology. As a result, it opted to maintain its brand identity as Turkish Technology, now carrying on with more than 1500 employees.

Working Tirelessly to Build Up a Stronger Turkey

On the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Technology continues to create cutting-edge technology for a stronger organization and Turkey. The Turkish Technology brand is taking firm steps forward to carry the flag in the aviation technology sector, thanks to the beautiful synergy of its managers and all employees.


We are aware that having talented and happy employees is the only way for us to succeed!

We would love you to apply for our team and join the winners! Have your name inscribed in the success story of a company on its way to the global.