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Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. is a technology organization that has been passionately fulfilling the technology needs of Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries for years, and now, with this experience, aims to offer innovative, agile, value-oriented and international products and services in local and global markets focused on the aviation and air cargo sector.

Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. hereby declares its Information Security Policy in order to ensure the security, and when necessary, to destroy or anonymize all kinds of information assets (electronic records, video recordings, pictures, printed documents, verbal information, etc.) which belong to it or which it is liable to protect in accordance with the national and international laws, regulations, contracts, standards and ethics.

This policy covers all Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. units that use the information systems of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc., and the consultants, contracted employees, subcontractors, interns, and the service, software or hardware providers that provide technical support, which have access to the information systems of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. as a third party.

It is obligatory for the parties within the scope to comply with the regulations and requirements specified in the documents, including the sanctions, created by Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. to manage its relations with its employees and stakeholders.

According to the Information Security Policy of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc.;

  • Principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility are the basic principle for information security in the processing, transmission and storage of information.
  • Employees and stakeholders of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. protect all information assets and access information allocated to them in accordance with the written regulations and commitments, and act within the framework of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. policies when they need to be shared.
  • On-site or remote access is not provided for any facilities, resources and information that have not been directly granted. Access authorizations are checked, tested when necessary or periodically, and rearranged if necessary.
  • All information systems belonging to Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. are securely monitored, recorded and tested by Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. when necessary, in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Appropriate cryptographic methods are used when transmitting and storing all critical information that is legally obligatory to be protected or that is risky for Turkish Airlines Technology Inc.
  • Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. has created its Information Security Management System (ISMS) with a systematic risk approach methodology. It classifies all kinds of information assets with the methodologies it has determined, subjects them to risk analysis and applies controls to reduce the risks to the determined acceptable level.
  • The management of all access authorizations and any transactions to be performed on these information assets are carried out by considering the asset's class value and risk value.
  • All information security breaches (actual or suspected) are reported to Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. Cyber Defense Center (CDC). All the reported incidents are intervened by Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. Cyber Defense Center (CDC).
  • All Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. employees act with the principle of “knowing on a need-to-know basis” and make a written commitment to abide by the confidentiality rules.
  • Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. ensures the security of information and access in its relations with third parties through written contracts and the commitments received from third parties.
  • The Information Security Policy and Information Security Management System (ISMS) of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. are periodically reviewed at the Compliance Review Board meetings and revised within the framework of the principle of continuous improvement.

Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. hereby declares its Quality Policy in its activities of designing and offering technology services in order to unite its employees, customers and suppliers under the same purpose for its future, considering the total quality understanding and commercial ethics, in line with the duties and common values of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc.

It acts in accordance with the relevant standards, the regulations it is obliged to comply with, legal and other requirements within the scope of quality management. It uses appropriate methods and the best possible technology and resources, with the participation of all employees, in order to achieve its goals and targets. It continuously improves the quality of its processes, products and services.

Seeking Excellence in Service

In accordance with the continuous improvement approach, it aims at excellence by increasing the efficiency and productivity in all its processes and raising them to a level that can compete at the international level.

Exhibiting a Customer-Oriented Approach

By correctly understanding and evaluating the current and future expectations and needs of its customers, it ensures that the service is provided on time with high quality products and services.

Making a Difference with Its Employees

It produces services with its employees who are aware of the value that their work will add to the service offered to the customer, have adopted the values of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc., produce solutions, embrace their work, are sharing, are teamwork- and result-oriented, and constantly improve themselves.

Using Advanced Technology

It uses and ensures that advanced technology is used with innovative and creative approaches that will provide competitive advantage in accordance with the requirements of the age.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

In all its business processes, it aims to achieve the planned results at the first time and with the appropriate resources.

Complying with the Quality Management System Requirements and Continuously Improving Its Efficiency

It continuously reviews the system and creates opportunities for improvement in a way that fulfills the requirements of the Quality Management System Standard and by displaying a quality-oriented, systematic and disciplined approach.

The Senior Management of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. hereby declares its Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to unite its employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and all business partners under the same purpose.

  • It adopts Occupational Health and Safety as a natural part of its activities. It acts in accordance with the national, legal and other requirements and the international regulations belonging to its sector, that it is liable to comply with, within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • While planning new investments in its field of activity and raising its technological infrastructure level, it prefers the equipment and organizations that have the least risk level by considering the Occupational Health and Safety of its employees, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. The Management of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc. believes in the significance of healthy and safe working of everybody, and that this matter is a part of the success of Turkish Airlines Technology Inc.
  • It uses various methods in the organization to improve the Occupational Health and Safety performance. It communicates with the employees and employee representatives. It ensures effective participation and consultation. It carries out works to raise the knowledge and awareness of its employees on Occupational Health and Safety. It plans trainings to disseminate and support the development of the Occupational Health and Safety culture. It is open to communication with the employees, suppliers, customers, authorities, and all the related parties in and out of the organization on Occupational Health and Safety for the current and future activities.
  • It shows leadership and commitment regarding consulting with the employees and ensuring the employee involvement in planning, implementation, maintenance, and development of the established Occupational Health and Safety management system. It undertakes provision and existence of the resources necessary for the Occupational Health and Safety management system.
  • It detects the Occupational Health and Safety hazards of its activities, develops action plans to eliminate such hazards, mitigate all risks, and manage all opportunities. It detects all risks that may disrupt the health integrity of the employees in advance. It performs works to prevent injuries and deterioration of health, and ensure the safe and healthy working conditions. It ensures continuity of work environment monitoring and preventive medicine practices. It establishes the necessary infrastructure for providing a healthy and safe work environment for the employees, subcontractors and visitors. It determines probable emergencies in working areas and realizes preparation activities for all these scenarios.
  • It regularly monitors, measures and reviews its Occupational Health and Safety performance, and continuously improves its performance in this area by also considering the good practices within this scope. It fulfills the requirements of suitable management procedures by reviewing the policy continuously through the Occupational Health and Safety targets and continuous improvement programs.