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Turkish Technology meets the aviation industry at Aviation Festival Asia

Held in Suntec, Singapore, between February 28 and March 1, Aviation Festival Asia, the region's most noteworthy aviation technology exhibition, brought together more than 2500 industry executives and 250 speakers this year. Turkish Technology made an impressive presence at the exhibition, organized to forge business partnerships in the Asian Region featuring the leaders of various global airlines and airport operators.

2023 Goals of Turkish Airlines

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, stated Turkish Airlines plans to carry 88 million passengers and add 6 new destinations to their flight network in 2023.

Interline Considerations on Irregular Operations (IRROPS) Launched

Aiming to streamline the travel experience of passengers when disruptions occur in flight plans, Turkish Airlines launched a project to automate ticket transactions, as well as to inform passengers instantly via SMS, e-mail, and other channels, and to encourage the use of self-service (MOBILE - WEB) channels.

Our General Manager, Among 50 Technology Leaders

Our General Manager, Kerem Kızıltunç, was honorably featured in the second-ever 'Fortune C-Suite Series 50 Technology Leaders' list published by Fortune Türkiye for his achievements.

Turkish Technology Attends Cyber Security Week Event

Our IT Security Senior Vice President, Mr. Kadir Yıldız, attended the Cyber Security Week event organized by Defense Industries Presidency, Presidential Digital Transformation Office, and Turkey Cyber Security Cluster. Mr. Yıldız gave an epic speech on 'Aviation and Cyber Security'.

We are proud to be the first Cyber Defense Center in the Turkish aviation industry

We are proud to be the first accredited Cyber Defense Center in the Turkish aviation industry. As a part of the 'Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams' (FIRST), which includes 663 cyber security teams from 102 countries, we are more motivated than ever.

Turkish Airlines Technology becomes “Turkish Technology” Behold Our New Logo!

Turkish Technology changed its name! We not only keep up with the innovations and latest trends in the field of informatics but also integrate them into our R&D operations and development processes. This significantly strengthens our hand in global competition. As is known, branding and corporate identity are of great importance for companies. In that spirit, we have an announcement to make!

Turkish Technology Team Builds Motivation with Town Hall Event

This year, in the second edition of the Town Hall Event, we hosted Mr. Ahmet Olmuştur, the Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of THY A.O.

We are at the Kamu-BİB'25 and BİMY'29 integrated events.

As Turkish Technology, we attended the Kamu-BİB'25 and BİMY'29 integrated event organized by the Informatics Association of Turkey. From the THY Technology team, Serkan Aydın, Director of Infrastructure Management, attended the event held in Antalya between 17-20 November.

We Attended the World Passenger Symposium Organized by IATA

A part of the Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Think Tank, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) builds on the steps taken in the last three years. This year's edition was held in Bahrain, where the evolution of technology can benefit both airlines and customers was discussed. Our Sales Solutions Manager, made a presentation at the IATA World Passenger Symposium, in which our General Manager, Mr. Dr. Kerem Kızıltunç, participated as a listener.

We've organized MLOps and machine learning training programs

Our data-driven transformation journey continues at full steam. Encouraged to participate in the training process in line with our development strategy, our employees have the chance to develop themselves professionally.

With Our Data-Driven Transformation Program, We will Achieve Greater Competitive Edge

The Data-Driven Transformation Program to be carried out under the sponsorship of our General Manager Bilal Ekşi, which aims to contribute to the ecosystem's future and establish data-driven systems in Turkish Airlines subsidiaries, was successfully launched. This important program was met with strong interest and support from our employees. Indeed, over 700 employees applied for our training program on AI and machine learning.

We won 4th Place in National Cyber Shield Exercise 2022

The National Cyber Shield Exercise 2022, organized by the National Cyber Incidents Response Center operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, has wrapped up.

We Came Together with Young Individuals in Fintech Training

The Fintech Training Program we provide in cooperation with Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University is currently underway with 76 students from 34 universities. We are looking forward to the Fintech Ideathon, which will take place with the participation of students at the end of the program.

We Offer Career Opportunities to Junior and Senior Undergraduate Students

With our motto 'World aviation will take flight with your applications', we encourage college students who learnt React.Native, JSON, JAVA, .NET, R, Phyton, RDBMS, AWS, and DeFi to learn O&D, AOG, CUTE, FQ, IRROPS, and ULD.

We Are Still Growing: Turkish Technology Opens İzmir Office!

After the Istanbul Libadiye headquarters and the Ankara office, we are happy to open our Izmir office on the 100th anniversary of İzmir's liberation. The İzmir office will improve the operational capabilities of the Turkish Airlines Technology team and help us achieve our vision for the future.

Our General Manager Dr. Kerem Kızıltunç, attended an interview with İş'te Teknoloji Magazine

Standing out with the essential projects he leads and his management approach that adds value to our company, our General Manager, Mr. Dr. Kerem Kızıltunç, gave an expatiating interview to İş'te Teknoloji Magazine. Here's the delightful interview titled 'Technology helps write new stories'...

Turkish Technology Opens Ankara Officee

Turkish Technology continues to grow at full steam. With over 1200 employees, our primary aim is to produce greater value. And in line with this aim, we are excited to open a new and modern office equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the capital Ankara.

Turkish Technology In Search of Talent at TalentforBIZ in Five Countries in 2022

This year, Turkish Technology will attend the London, Cologne, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and New York editions of TalentforBIZ, an event coordinated by the Turkish Presidency Human Resources Office to support Reverse Brain Drain and guide young talents.

Turkish Technology Team Wins Code Quality Hackathon

As Turkish Technology, we attended the Code Quality Hackathon held on 13-14-15 May 2022. In this valuable event organized by Turkish Airlines, we once again showed off how capable the Turkish Technology team is and won the hackathon.

Turkish Technology Headquarters Move to Libadiye

As the tech muscle of Turkish Airlines, we are proud and excited to move into our headquarters in Libadiye, Istanbul.

We Attended the ITU Information Technologies Summit!

As Turkish Technology, we came together with students at the Information Technologies Summit organized by the Management Engineering Club of Istanbul Technical University.

We Came Together with Students at The Western Black Sea Career Fair

As Turkish Technology, we attended the Western Black Sea Career Fair (BATIKAF), coordinated by the Turkish Presidency Human Resources Office, and came together with young talents who will shape the future of Turkey.

We Are At Boğaziçi University TechSummit!

We came together with Boğaziçi University students as part of TechSummit organized by the Boğaziçi University IT Club. Turkish Technology Sales Solutions Manager, Arife Öztürk, attended this amazing event as a speaker.

Turkish Technology Receives an Award at Global Career Summit

What is career success? What made people with professional careers successful? What type of career opportunities do companies offer?