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we develop technologies inspired by the sky

We are technological pioneers of Turkey's aviation industry! We are an innovative and successful team constantly broadening its scope and raising the bar in global competition...

Our services and products shaping the future of aviation

The Future of Aviation is Turkish Technology's Today

We constantly imagine the future while creating the technology of tomorrow now.


Until today we have carried out numerous projects creating value at a global scale. We will be continuing to contribute to the development of the world aviation industry with our pioneering technologies.


We are a strong team of more than 1500 valuable experts. We pursue the same goal of winning altogether and continue our efforts with the motivation to reach our goal.


In our offices equipped with modern technology and located in Istanbul (2), Ankara and Izmir, we develop solutions and products which guide the aviation sector. And we have new global and local offices on the way!


We are aware that having talented and happy employees is the only way for us to succeed!

We would love you to apply for our team and join the winners! Have your name inscribed in the success story of a company on its way to the global.