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Step into the Future of Cyber Security!

Step into the Future of Cyber Security! Free BÜSİBER Cyber Summer Camp Starts on August 15


As Turkish Technology, we are happy to support young minds who would like to specialize in cyber security. The registration is now open for BÜSİBER Cyber Summer Camp 2023, which is sponsored by Turkish Airlines and is one of Turkey's leading cyber security trainings! In this exciting camp, you will learn the basics of cyber security and take one step further in your career.

The camp takes place on three levels...

Ethical Hacker and Defensive Cyber Security Entry Level: By learning the basics of penetration testing, you will learn the key steps in the process of finding and preventing vulnerabilities. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the working principles of the tools that are used and the concepts of ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacker and Defensive Cyber Security Intermediate Level: In addition to gaining knowledge in cyber security field, you will also learn more advanced techniques that will help you understand the methods of attackers and develop an effective defense strategy against these attacks

Information Security Management and Governance: By gaining knowledge on the basic principles and management strategies of information security, you will understand the importance of cyber security for organizations and you will therefore master the governance processes.

Why You Should Join BÜSİBER Cyber Summer Camp 2023?

You will benefit from this unique opportunity free of charge and you will have the opportunity to improve yourself in the field of cyber security.

At the camp, you will have the opportunity to experience real-world applications and access the most up-to-date information with the trainings that will be provided by the industry's leading cyber security experts.

As Turkish Technology, we share the importance of trainings offered in the field of informatics at every opportunity. Thanks to this camp which is sponsored by Turkish Airlines, you will have the opportunity to meet the leading institutions of the sector and get one step closer to future job opportunities.

After the basic training, you will reinforce your knowledge and skills by trying out the tools used on real systems. By learning the current technologies used in the sector, you will receive a foundation that will carry you forward.

Visit our website for further information on the camp dates and location.


We look forward for your attendance at BÜSİBER Cyber Summer Camp 2023 to pursue a career in cyber security and safely shape the future digital world!


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