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THY Technology becomes “Turkish Technology” with a Brand New Logo

Turkish Airlines Technology becomes “Turkish Technology” Behold Our New Logo!


We are now Turkish Technology! With qualified engineers and technical experts in its staff, our company not only keeps track of the innovations and trends in the field of informatics but also quickly adapts these innovations into its R&D operations and development processes, thus maintaining its strong foothold in the global competition.

Previously known as Turkish Airlines Technology, Turkish Technology has become a technology powerhouse today, exporting products and participating in global competition. Within the framework of the company's rebranding efforts, the logo was renewed in a way to reflect its new ethos.

Replacing our old, obsolete logo that failed to represent the new spirit of the company, the new logo has the same logo layout as other subsidiaries and represents a more dynamic, more zealous, and more modern approach. Featuring a common element with all other subsidiaries, the new logo offers better brand awareness locally and globally and reflects our innovative approach well. Infusing tradition and modernity, the logo inspires great confidence and performance as we code our way into the future.

THY Technology becomes “Turkish Technology” with a Brand New Logo

THY Technology becomes “Turkish Technology” with a Brand New Logo


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