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Turkish Technology, Cyber Take-Off GRC 2023 Master Program Participants Have Been Announced!

Turkish Technology Hosts Future Cyber Security Experts


Turkish Technology, Cyber Take-Off GRC 2023 Master Program Participants Have Been Announced!

"The participants of the Cyber Take-Off GRC 2023 Master Program organized by Turkish Technology have been announced. Young people who participated in the Cyber Take-Off GRC 2023 training came together at the breakfast program held at the Turkish Technology Libadiye office on March 17th. These young people, who will become future cyber security experts, found the opportunity to meet Turkish Technology's senior management, trainers, and graduates of the past training sessions.

Unique Career Opportunities for Participants

The Cyber Take-Off program is designed to provide young people with real-life knowledge about the implementation of the processes and to offer practice within this context. In addition, the students participating in the program will have the chance to work on various research and presentations throughout their education in order to help them gain the necessary skills. The Cyber Take-Off GRC Master Class program is not only an educational program but also includes the processes to equip young people with the necessary skills they need to get ready for business life. Participants who successfully complete the program will find the opportunity to work full-time and part-time at Turkish Technology under the umbrella of THY.

CWhat Is in The Scope of The Cyber Take-Off Program?

After the completion of the required groundwork training, the participants will start a detailed training process on the following topics.

What does a GRC Specialist do?

What is Security governance?

How should a cyber security architecture be constructed?

How are cyber security risks managed?

How to comply with national and international regulations?

How should IT Audit and control processes be operated?

How should Security Monitoring be performed?


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