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We explored Gartner's Future Technology Trends for 2024

We explored Gartner's Future Technology Trends for 2024!


This month, as part of Turkish Technology's In-house Events series, we hosted the presentation on the 2024 Technology Trends Report announced by Gartner Global.

Ahmet Biçimli, Gartner's Senior Managing Partner responsible for Russia, Middle and Eastern Europe, and Eastern Mediterranean regions, made the presentation which attracted great attention as it covered all the details of the report.

Here are the 10 trends that are expected to find use in the upcoming period and impact technology-related decisions of companies in the next 36 months: 1. AI Trust, Risk, and Safety Management 2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management 3. Sustainable technology 4. Platform engineering 5. AI-augmented development 6. Industry cloud platforms 7. Intelligent applications 8. Democratized generative AI 9. Augmented connected workforce 10. Machine customers

Gartner divides these trends into 3 themes as follows: 1. Protect your investment, 2. Rise of the builders, and 3. Deliver the value.

We would like to thank Ahmet Biçimli for his presentation on Gartner's Technology Trends for 2024 within the scope of Gartner Signature Series.

Getting strength from knowledge, Turkish Technology continues to more forward with firm steps.


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