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We met at the UP Go Live event

We met at the UP Go Live event


The launch of the new UP application, which has been enhanced with new features to improve the employee experience, offering easy usability with its dynamic structure and original designs, took place on Friday, February 16th, in the VIP meeting room at the Headquarters. The event began with an introductory video, followed by speeches from Abdulkerim Çay, Deputy General Manager in charge of Human Resources, and Dr. Kerem Kızıltunç, Deputy General Manager responsible for Information Technologies. Abdulkerim Çay stated that UP represents one of the most innovative applications in the field of employee experience in Turkey. Dr. Kerem Kızıltunç, on the other hand, explained that the application is designed as a "Superapp" and will elevate the employee experience with new features to be added in the coming period.

With features such as the Central Approval System, simplified login, widget structure, customized content for our parent company and subsidiaries, calendar, and a refreshed interface, our employees can open a new chapter in user experience by downloading the new UP application from TKStore and using it with pleasure.

Let's share this excitement together!


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